Wednesday, December 19, 2012

August and Next Came September

was a hot month, but enjoyable. Mark purchased and started putting up a wooden picket fence to finish enclosing our back yard. A completely fenced in back yard will be such a treat with a household of (soon to be six) children. Yes, we are still living in the basement apartment of our siblings house. We love how the Lord has worked this out. After Mark and Jason's parents visit in July, we have buckled down on house projects in preparation for baby Emmaline's birth.

     Mark is still teaching the college sunday school class at Fourth Baptist and we had a wonderful weekend together with them at Camp Clear-Waters. Most of the college students went back to various out of state colleges, but we still have a great group that faithfully attends. We hope to band together encouraging one another in the truth of God's Word. Our mission statement is something we pray will be exemplified in each life.

 "Our desire is to intentionally pursue the fullness of Christ through a deeper understanding of and maturity in the truths of the gospel, through unity and accountability with fellow believers, and through a demonstration of the love of Christ."

      August 26, was mark and Jason's birthday. Also, it is time for the Minnesota State Fair.

    Ian is an absolute blast to watch. At 15 months, his mechanical mind is just spinning. He will work at and study something for the longest time. He loves keys and tries to open everything with them. He has been pretty quiet up to this point enjoying watching his cousins.

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