Monday, April 8, 2013

Fifty-Three Year old Dress

The Fifty-Three Year old Dress! 
Emmaline sporting Grandma Brumbaugh's dress
April Photo shoot with Grandma B

Sunday, March 31, 2013

These are in random order, however, it's good to catch up a little!
Early December

Mark took me to Stillwater for a night at the Rivertown Inn. Highly suggest it to anyone looking for a
 nice B&B.

 This is what happens when your house is being prepared to "show". We are moving! The next step toward the Philippines.

Ian and Dad looking all adorable. He wants to be just like dad. Not a bad desire at all.

 First time for Emmaline to be out in the snow. She isn't really walking yet, though she is very close. She just stood... 

 This is from several months ago, she want even close to walking, yet I found her on the table. She LOVES to climb. Plus, a photo of some of her first pig tails. :)

Original House of Pancakes during Christmas break with the Grandparents!

The girls and their dolls! What a Christmas.

It was so fun to have both Jack and Corine and Elizabeth come for Christmas. This time our water heater didn't break!

Best Buds. Best Cousins! as Ian says, he's not my friend, he's my cousin. 

Emmaline so happy now that she can finally see.

Two weeks after she got her glasses, we were able to schedule for her to get tubes. 
prepping for surgery. 
THEY CHANGED HER LIFE!!!! (the tubes)

Always tries to do what Ian does. Maybe she will start early...

Some family time at the Mall of America.

This is where we will be moving! God provided a wonderful house for us to rent. Each step along the way, God's provision and sovereign hand have been such a comfort. I'm so thankful that He is directing our future and has our immediate needs taken care of. I've been rebuked time and time again by how he  takes care of things in a way that is so much better than I could have imagined.