Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another Step Toward the Mission Field

    Mark began courses toward a Master of Education on January 3rd at Regent University in Virginia.  He is excited to learn all he can in preparation for a Bible Institute on the mission field. So during the day he works as a Human Resource Specialist at a neighboring public school district, and by night as a student. :) We are so thankful for the job that God has given. Mark  feels he is learning so much from the meetings at work and is able to apply many of the technical stuff from school at his work and vice versa. 
    Though He has been in school the majority of his life, as he worked on his first paper he realized it would take a while to get back to writing "good" papers. Hopefully, that will come back easily for him. Currently, A Master of Ed. is our primary focus in our preparation for the mission field. We are still praying for direction as to where God might lead us to serve.  We would appreciate your prayers for Mark as he commences his degree.