Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Valentine's present from My Honey!

A pot of bulbs

Beautiful Jade Plant

plants in my living room

The next plants aren't from Valentine's Day, but I wanted to take pictures of them. I'm just so thankful that they are still alive when there is three feet of snow on the ground outside and they are in a basement with minimal light. My goal: how not to kill house plants.
This is a orchid that I'm trying to save. I've never tried to do anything tropical  before and I'm not sure if I'm keeping it in all the right conditions for blossoming again. (I hope, the blossom was beautiful.)

i think it is some kind of a Palm. (transported from Bend, OR)

Mark's Bamboo (also transported from Bend, OR)  
 We'll see it they survive... 
I read the other day about someone attempting a small garden in a rubbermaid in doors. That might be my next goal. :)