Monday, September 8, 2008

our Saturday afternoon find

This I thought was amazing!! We had a table before, however it was not large enough to fit more then two other people then ourselves. (NOT THE BEST FOR COMPANY)

John asked if Mark could come and help load some stuff up in his truck that they found at a sale. Well, as soon as Mark arrived at the sale, he called me and told me to bring the check book. We came out with some really neat things.

Praise the Lord for the new table. It can fit a lot of people around it! Game nights, Card making, Cookie decorating... Just exciting to think about all the things that we will be able to use the table for.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our Saturday Morning Project!

Well, I was having trouble trying to figure out what I should do around the TV. There is a fire place in the corner of the room and it has really light wood around it. I wasn't sure how we could tie it in with the rest of the wood since the other pieces are darker. We are giving this color stain a try. We found a big piece of wood and had it cut to size at Home Depot and purchased the rest of the supplies on our date night, last night. I was eager to start the project this morning and hope to have it done soon.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Rest of The House-Most of It

I know I didn't take all the rest of the house, but here are the two bathrooms and the bedroom.

Labor Day Week End

Jack and Corine Stamper, Mark's parents were able to come down for a visit which was lots of fun. I loved getting to know them more and enjoyed going hiking with them. They drove us up to Crater Lake on Monday. Both the Stamper's and Mark and I had tried to visit before, but were prevented by either fog or snow from seeing the beauty of the Lake. So it was truly a treat for each of us. God is amazing! This Lake was formed after a huge Mountain, Mt. Mazama, blew up. It was a volcano which erupted years ago. Pretty Cool, Huh?!

So Here's the Scoop!!

What I'm extremely excited about is getting almost all my fruit and veggies at one time. I know I need a few more than these, but this is pretty exciting and fun. Juicing, It's something my mom got me into and I'm super thankful for her good example of trying to be healthy. I try to have a big cup of this juice made so that we can drink it when Mark comes home from school. Then, our goal is to go out an walk on the trail down by the Deschutes River. That's our afternoons!