Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In Minnesota- Our New Home

Mark and I arrived in Minnesota on March 3rd. We have been busy working on getting our downstairs apartment in order. It has been fun. Mark is learning how to install light fixtures and put up sheet rock. These are firsts for him, but he loves learning new things and he is doing an excellent job. Hopefully, we will post some pictures soon of the progress.
I have had three doctors appointments since we've arrived. They started scheduling me for one appointment a week. Baby Ian will be here soon! We have about 26 days to get everything in order before he comes. Thankfully, my mom will be able to come and help me get adjusted to this new life with a child of our very own. I am extremely thankful for being here with Beth, my sister, and having her expertise as a mother of four. I was horrible with taking pictures, so Beth has taken it upon herself to take a few. :)
This is a picture of the craving that all four of us have decided that we have during the last weeks of my pregnancy. We love mint Oreos. Mark has been able to help Jason, his twin brother and my brother-in-law, by speaking for him a couple of times. Jason is still struggling with kidney stones. He has had to make changes in his routine at a moment's notice the last couple of weeks and is grateful that he can call on Mark to fill in for him. There is a youth activity coming up on Friday which we will be able to help.
Also, we are job hunting. Fun, What fun!!! Mark has had one interview so far with the school district here in Min. and has applied for several other positions within the district. We are beginning to broaden the search. I know God will provide a job, but we do need patience and wisdom in this process.